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Phuket is named the second best beach destination in the world

"A little piece of paradise" - a small piece of Paradise, so called Phuket readers US News & Wolrd Reports, giving preference to the beaches of Phuket in the world ranking of the publication.

The annual fair takes place at the temple in Chalong, Phuket.

The annual fair takes place at the temple in Chalong, Phuket.  It began on February 14, and will be held for a week, until February 20.


Walk on the sea on yachts and catamarans Phuket

The tropical island of Phuket offers not only a luxurious holiday and an indescribable pleasant atmosphere. There is a wide variety of various excursions and attractions. Therefore, the rest of Phuket is very diverse and you will not be bored. One of the most popular and wonderful excursions is a walk on the sea on yachts and catamarans.

Restaurant 23 Restaurant & Club Boat Avenue - one of the best and most famous restaurants in Phu

We want to tell you about one of the best and most famous restaurants in Phuket, where they cook wonderful dishes, where you will feel cozy and comfortable.



Do you want to rent or buy an apartment|villa?

Help to rent a villa in Phuket or buy it is the direct responsibility of our real estate agency that specializes in these issues. Since Thailand is quite an attractive place for tourists and travelers, you should take care of the property in advance. Renting a villa in Phuket is a difficult issue, because the housing here is always in high demand.

We will select for each client the option that will suit him in accordance with tastes, preferences and financial capabilities. Our real estate agency is located in Thailand on the island of Phuket and has got detailed information about each surrendering object and features of the local infrastructure. We have created a catalogue of luxury villas and premium villas , it is also possible to choose a variety of apartments in modern complexes, bungalows for a secluded exotic holiday or comfortable townhouses. Waiting for you three bedroom villa in Rawai, or the picturesque bungalows on Nai Kharn beach. Our real estate agency in Phuket, will help to remove these unique and unusual houses for a long time, or short term. If you need to rent or buy a bungalow, townhouse, real estate in Thailand, it is easy to use our services. You inform your requirements to the property in which you would like to live, and we select the best option for you and provide convenient method of payment for the services provided by the company.

By purchasing or renting a property in Phuket, you can safely conduct your business thousands of kilometers from home. There is a very developed system of electronic payments and transfers, wide possibilities of Internet communications. Due to all these components, real estate in Thailand is in great demand not only among our compatriots, but also among millions of citizens of other countries

Why should you contact us?

There are a lot of reasoned answers to this question, which are confirmed by high professionalism:

  • about real estate in Thailand, we know almost everything, and this information is updated daily;
  • we have our own database of real estate of different classes, as well as villas of prestige and elite class;
  • we will select the best option for rent or purchase, according to your wishes and capabilities;
  • we constantly provide advice on all the issues, including legal advice on business issues.

In the world there are many colorful and exotic places where you can not only have a good time, but also to relax body and soul, but none of them in its beauty can not be compared with Thailand. This is evidenced by the objective reviews of enthusiastic tourists, even those who only once visited the fabulous Islands, especially in Phuket. This island has a fairly developed infrastructure, mild climate, picturesque places. Relax in Phuket all year round, enjoying your stay in this amazing place.

These are not all factors that indicate our capabilities and competence. Rental housing in Phuket will not cause you difficulties, because we will officially represent your interests in the negotiations and at the conclusion of contracts.

Having visited at least once in Thailand, everyone wants to come back here again. Why delay this pleasant pleasure, if you can rent or buy a property in Phuket, while placing such a serious job on the real estate Agency in Thailand? Contact us and we will do everything at the highest level. Renting a Villa or having it in the property, you can come to rest at any time of the year, splash in the warm waves of the ocean, and bask in the gentle rays of the Thai sun